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Type of Vacuum Cleaner: Bagged   0 Bagless   0
Vacuum Cleaner Style: Canisters   0
Suitable for Floor Type: Combination of carpets and hard floors   0
Special needs: Information not available   0

Cylinder vacuum cleaners

  • ZAN1802 ZAN1802

    The Zanussi EasyPower ZAN1802 is a cyclonic bagless cylinder cleaner with a powerful... More info

  • ZAN4402 ZAN4402

    The Zanussi Powerplus ZAN4402 bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner comes with a dual purpose... More info

  • ZAN7620 ZAN7620

    More info

  • ZAN7802 ZAN7802

    The Zanussi CyclonPower ZAN7802 is a full sized cyclonic bagless cylinder cleaner... More info

  • ZAN7635 ZAN7635

    Lightweight but powerful this bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner is ideal for any home... More info

  • ZAN3002 ZAN3002

    The ZAN3002 is a small but powerful, easy to use bagged cylinder cleaner which is... More info

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