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Single ovens

Double ovens

Undercounter double ovens

How to choose an oven

How do you find the perfect oven for you? It’s easier than you think. Let’s start by defining some basics.

1The advantages of steam.

Now you can make high quality food in less time, thanks to the advantages of Zanussi steam ovens. They cook faster, retain more nutrients and moisture in the food and preserve taste better.

2Easy cleanup

We think cleaning up should be quick and easy, and thanks to our Pyrolitic self-cleaning ovens, it can be! Press a button, and residue is reduced to a fine ash that you can simply wipe away.

3Saving space

The Zanussi oven range comes in different sizes for different needs. For instance, our single ovens can be installed under a worktop to save space.

4Your cooking style

Whether you need to keep things simple, or you like spending the time to make several dishes at once, Zanussi ovens provide a helping hand in the kitchen with benefits like pre-programmed recipes and Auto Shut Off.

Download Ovens Brochure 12 pages, PDF

So simple

Zanussi has a fabulous range of intuitive, easy-to-use, ovens to help you cook delicious food.

Easy Product Finder

What’s best for you?

Quick guides

Use our quick guides to learn more and buy the right appliance.

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