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Fridge freezers

  • ZBB28440SA ZBB28440SA

    178cm tall fridge freezer, with easy to understand electronic display.This model gives... More info

  • ZBB24430SA ZBB24430SA

    145cm tall integrated Fridge Freezer, ideal for small kitchens. This extra efficient... More info

  • ZBB28650SA ZBB28650SA

    178cm tall Fridge Freezer with fast freeze function. With a frost free freezer there... More info

  • ZBB27650SA ZBB27650SA

    178cm tall integrated Fridge Freezer, this model gives you a good balance of fresh... More info

  • ZBB28441SA ZBB28441SA

    178cm tall integrated Fridge Freezer, with new LowFrost technology there is less ice... More info


  • ZQA14030DA ZQA14030DA

    82cm fridge with 140 litre capacity. This fridge has an A+ energy rating saving you money. More info

  • ZBA22420SA ZBA22420SA

    122cm tall fridge freezer, ideal for small kitchens. More info

  • ZQA12430DA ZQA12430DA

    Under counter 82cm fridge freezer, the 4 star freezing compartment in this fridge lets... More info

  • ZBA15021SA ZBA15021SA

    88cm tall Fridge, with A+ energy rating saving you money. More info


How to choose a freezer

First-time buyer? Use this mini-guide to help you define some basic needs as you shop for your new freezer.

1You Need to freeze

Depending on your preference for frozen food, you can choose from a range of storage sizes – from a small compartment in a fridge to a large, spacious chest freezer you can keep in the basement.

2Saving energy and money

With Zanussi A-rated freezers, you’ll not only be doing your bit for the environment, you’ll also keep more money in your pocket. That’s particularly true for A++ models that save up to 25% more energy.

3Staying odorless and frost-free.

Our new Crisp NoFrost range uses separate compartments to lock in odors, avoiding nasty accidents like ice cubes that smell like garlic. Plus, the freezer defrosts itself, so you don’t have to.

4Built in vs. freestanding.

Zanussi built-in appliances can be hidden behind panels for seamless coordination, while freestanding models like the chest freezer offer more storage capacity.

Download Fridge built in Brochure 9 pages, PDF

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