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  • ZDF2020 ZDF2020

    This <60cm>, 15 litre dishwasher has a 30 minute quick wash programme and can hold 12... More info

    Energy class A
  • ZDF3023N ZDF3023N

    <60cm> dishwasher, holds 12 place settings, in black. More info

    Energy class A
  • ZDF3023 ZDF3023

    <60cm> dishwasher, holds 12 place settings, in white. More info

    Energy class A
  • ZDF4013 ZDF4013

    <60cm> 13 litre dishwasher, holds 12 place settings. More info

    Energy class A
  • ZDF3023S ZDF3023S

    <60cm> dishwasher, holds 12 place settings, in silver. More info

    Energy class A

How to choose a dishwasher

Knowing what to look for in a dishwasher can be tricky. This basic mini-guide is a good way to start.

1How many you cook for

We offer a range of sizes, so you’ll get the most out of your machine even if you’re cooking for two or for ten. Our 60 cm full size models, for instance, are perfect if you love hosting dinner parties.

2How you like to load

With our flexible racks and baskets, anything goes! They give you more options, so you can easily fit saucepans and large plates inside, even if you’ve got a full load.

3Time to do the things you love

You’ve got better things to do besides wait around for your load to finish. Timesaving features like the 30 minute quick wash allow you to load and go at the touch of a button.

4Saving room in your kitchen

Tiny kitchen? No problem. Tuck a compact dishwasher or even one of our 45cm models beneath a worktop or draining board to save counter space. Or have your machine built in with the rest of your Zanussi appliances for a more coordinated look.

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