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Condense dryers

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How to choose a dryer

Buying a tumble dryer for the first time? This is the perfect place to start.

1Saving space

Zanussi offers a range of tumble dryers designed to save space. Like our condenser dryer, which can be stacked on top of washers and even hung on walls, giving you the flexibility and ease of installation you need.

2Any size any load

Do you wash for the whole family at once? Now you can dry the same amount as you washed, thanks to our big 7kg capacity dryers. They dry other bulky stuff like coats and duvets easily, too!

3More time for fun

Zanussi spin cycles are designed to maximize effectiveness in less time, because you’ve got better things to do with your weekend than spending it on laundry.


Speaking of having better things to do, you can get the ironing over with faster, too, with our EasyIron programme. It uses crease-free technology to minimize wrinkling.

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