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8kg washer dryer with A wash and dry energy rating.




Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD) 850x600x600
Product Installation Free-standing
Load Capacity kg (Wash) 8
Drying Capacity (kg) 6
Energy class A
Colour White
Voltage 230-240
Water consumption | 103
Maximum spin speed (rpm) 1400
Net Weight 80.69
Colour White

Wash up to 8kg of clothes and dry up to 6kg of clothes - all in a standard sized appliance.

Jet system wash technology

Saves you energy and water based on your wash load size, providing the cleanest, most economical adn efficient wash performance.

The washing machine that adapts itself to your load

Jetsystem lets you wash even small laundry loads without wasting time or money. It adjusts water, energy consumption and cycle time to suit the size of every load.

LCD display

Inverter motor

The inverter motor uses brushless technology to provide a more powerful wash performance, shorter wash times and is extra quiet in operation.

Washing capacity: 8 kg

Drying capacity: 6 kg

1400 RPM spin speed

21 programmes including:

Easy iron

By keeping your wash load moving and using a cool down phase with cold water, this programme protects delicate and synthetic fabrics from developing permanent creases.


For handwash only label items, an extremely gentle programme where clothes are gently through the wash solution.

2 drying programmes

Option to tailor programmes:

Delay start option - set the machine to start when it suits you

Extra rinse option

Drying time option

A class energy efficiency

A class wash performance

B class spin efficiency


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8kg washer dryer with A wash and dry energy rating.

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