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7kg washing machine with A++ energy rating and 1200 spin speed.




Installation Freestanding
Load Capacity kg (Wash) 7
Energy class A *
Wash Energy Rating A
Panel colour White
Spin efficiency B
Maximum spin speed (rpm) 1200
Net Weight 59.42
Dimensions (mm) (HxWxD) 850x600x514
Energy cons. annual (kWh) (2010/30/EC) 193,0
Colour White

How to get perfect results: choose between powdered or liquid detergent. Add the detergent to the right section of the Flexidose drawer. That's it.

Large load 7 kg

1200 spin speed RPM

21 programmes including:

Easy iron

By keeping your wash load moving and using a cool down phase with cold water, this programme protects delicate and synthetic fabrics from developing permanent creases.

Duvet programme

Designed to wash your duvets and other large bulky items such as padded jackets, this special programme provides a gentle and effective wash.

Handwash programme / wool programme

An extremely gentle programme that allows 'handwash' labelled or wool items to be washed by machine.

Wool programme

This programme reduces the drum rotation so that clothes are gently and constantly moved in the water to reduce stretching and matting of delicate fabrics and woollens.

Option to tailor programmes including:

Delay start option

Set the programme to begin at a time convenient to you

A class wash performance

B class spin performance

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7kg washing machine with A++ energy rating and 1200 spin speed.

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