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Tumble Dryer Range

Zanussi Tumble Dryer

Clever and simple?


Easy Drying

Zanussi Tumble dryer energy efficient


Less work, cheaper bills and more free time… sound good? With the LINDO1000 the drying’s more enjoyable and frees up time and money for the fun stuff in life. That’s a win-win.

Heat Pump technology saves you money by getting fantastic results for up to 8kg at low drying temperatures. So it’s good for the environment too (another win-win). And there’s no guesswork involved; your machine adjusts drying time for you based on the load.

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Dry more in one go?

Fit more into your dryer - and your day. The LINDO300 dryer lets you get large loads done in no time with the extra large drum. The larger capacity allows you to dry more in one go. It's no fuss fitting up to 8kg of clothes through the large door either - loading and unloading is a breeze. And you can control how long the cycle lasts with TimeDry.

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Large Capacity Zanussi Tumble Dryer with large door

Simple drying?

Easy drying and easy ironing. The LINDO100 lets you dry when you want. Use this to take advantage of cheaper energy prices at night. And spend less time ironing and longer with your feet up. EasyIron works out stubborn creasing from your fabrics during the cycle.

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Music while you iron

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