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Washing Machine Range

Zanussi tumble dryer large capacity

Wash more in one go?


Easy Washing

Wake up to clean clothes?

Wash when you want. Get up to 10kg of laundry out of the way in one go and spend more time doing the stuff you want to do. It's easy with a number of timing options at your fingertips with the LINDO range.

Don't wait for your washing, set a time for it to FinishAt whenever you want it. And if you’ve let your washing pile up, whizz through it in half the time with QuickWash – even your delicates.


Wash more in one go?

Big capacity, little effort. The LINDO300 range offers up to 10kg of room so you finish more washing per load and have more time for fun.

It can handle bulky jackets, duvets and other larger items. And with a large door to match the drum, loading and unloading the washer (and finding that elusive sock) is easier than ever before.

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Fast, easy to use Zanussi Washing Machine

Clean in just 30 minutes?

Dependable. Fast. Easy. The LINDO100 is as simple as that.

Getting your laundry done in 30-minutes is as easy as pressing ‘start’. It comes with a self-cleaning detergent drawer. And you can delay the start time to when it suits you later in the day (or night). This should come in handy if you want to wash late for cheaper energy bills.

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Fold laundry in 3 seconds

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