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Freestanding Cooling Range

Store more, shop less?


Easy Cooling

Low frost, Frost free

Our Space+ Combi Bottom fridge-freezers are Low Frost for easy defrosting.
And all of our Space+ Extra Combi Bottom fridge-freezers are Frost Free so you’ll never have to defrost again.

Locked-in freshness

As well as more capacity, the Space+ Extra has TwinTechTM technology. Separate cooling systems for fridge and freezer provide the ideal humidity in each compartment, so food doesn’t dry out, and odours don’t cross over – locking in food’s natural freshness.

Even chilling

At the touch of a button with AirFlow+ cold air flows to every level for even chilling. So you can place your food anywhere in the fridge.

Quick Chill

Time for the weekly shop? On Space+ Extra fridges, just press Quick Chill and the temperature drops to 2 ̊C, ideal to cool it all rapidly without warming what’s already in there. LEDs on the door tell you all you need to know at a glance, and make it easy to adjust temperature or select Quick Chill.

Quick Freeze

Worried about ice-cream melting on the way home? No problem. Just press Quick Freeze to lower the temperature and use the Quick Freeze drawer to freeze food rapidly.

Easy Storage

Store more, shop less

Our Space+ fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers are bigger inside with the same dimensions outside, so you can fit more in. And more space means the whole weekly shop isn’t a squeeze.

Easy store boxes

These handy containers are just right for anything you want to keep separate – garlic and herbs perhaps, or delicate soft fruit or veg. They hook conveniently on the back of a drawer. And there’s even a handy space for a note or a use-by date.

Deeper drawers

Our Space+ Drawer gives you more room for the whole week’s fruits and vegetables. You really can fit a whole pineapple along with your other favourite fruits. And with deeper freezer drawers there is more storage space too.

Superb freshness

The SuperFresh box is a dedicated, low temperature compartment that keeps meat and fish fresh for longer.


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