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Freestanding Range

Fit more inside?


Freestanding Cookers

Cook more in one go

Our Space+ cookers let you prepare more food in one go, making cooking for friends and family simple. There’s more room with up to 77-litre capacity, five shelf positions and extra large baking tray - 20% bigger than the standard size.

Our Zanussi Space+ cookers have two oven cavities so you can bake and grill at the same time. Preparing large meals suddenly got a whole lot easier.

The cooker that cleans itself

Set the Auto cleaning function and your cooker cavity will heat up to 500c, reducing grease and food residue into fine ash that is easily wiped away.

Our range of freestanding cookers also offers a choice of models with easy to clean enamel or catalytic liners that oxidise residues for easy cleaning.

Slim outside, big inside

Our Zanussi Slim cooker is the ideal size for smaller kitchens, at just 50cm wide. But you can still have capacity in a smaller room you can still have a lot of capacity - it has the biggest oven capacity in the 50cm category.

Boiling in seconds

Induction technology cooks faster. Whether you’re melting chocolate or cooking pasta, the hob reacts immediately when you put the pan on, heating only the food and not the hob surface.

Designed to be easy

Space+ cookers have a larger viewing window to help you easily check on your dishes and feature a new elegant dot pattern on the door glass for a sleek and modern look. With ergonomic handles and intuitive controls our oven range is easy-to-use. And Zanussi Easy Tips have lots of suggestions on how make life even easier.

Deliciously convenient

Your delicious food will be ready when it suits you by simply setting the programmable timer, the oven will switch off automatically once the cooking time has elapsed.

And for a delicious pizza just select the Easy Pizza setting to get a crisp base with a perfectly melted topping.

Freestanding Dishwashers

Quick wash

Sparkling dishes in just 30 minutes! Simply put on the Quick Wash cycle at 65°C for freshly soiled crockery and cutlery, and you’ll have clean plates in just half an hour. Great when you’re in a hurry.

Auto Programme

Whatever the load size, or however dirty your dishes, Auto Programme always selects the optimal setting for the temperature, duration and the right amount of water for the load. Not only will you get sparkling dishes, but you’ll also save time and energy. Auto Programme is available in selected models across our range of standard size, slim and compact dishwashers.

Designed to be easy

Designed to look great in any kitchen, you have a choice of sizes: standard, slim and compact dishwashers, and a choice of colours: black, silver and stainless steel. Plus, with convenient programmes, soft spikes to hold glasses in place and touch controls, our dishwashers are easy-to-use. And Zanussi Easy Tips have lots of suggestions on how make washing dishes and life even easier.

Set and go!

Make the most of the cheaper energy tariffs - simply run the dishwasher while you’re tucked up in bed and wake up to clean dishes. You can choose the best time from between 1hour up to 24hours to run your dishwasher whenever it suits you.

Clever energy efficiency

Run your dishwasher whenever you want to, even if there are not many dishes to clean. The clever half load function automatically adapts the water and energy needed accordingly. Plus, our range of 60cm dishwashers are all Energy Class A+ or A++ so they are kinder to the environment, and your wallet.

Auto off

Auto off really means off! Your dishwasher will not consume an ounce of unnecessary energy. After the programme is finished, it switches the machine completely off after 10 minutes.


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