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Washing Machine Buying Guide

Finding the right washer for you?


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Zanussi washing machine front loader

Space & Location

Whether you go for a freestanding washer, or one that's built-in behind a cabinet to fit in with your kitchen or laundry room theme, you need to measure up.

How much space do you have?

60-48cm width - A front-loading washer will suit your space. 
48-34cm width – A slim front-loading washer will fit just fine.
45-40cm width – A top loader would be best.

#EASYTIP: If space is limited, a 2-in-1 washer-dryer could be a good choice.


How much washing do you do in a week?

Less than 4 times a week – a 5-6kg washer will do just fine if you don’t regularly wash large items such as jackets and duvets.
4-6 times a week – a 7kg washer will easily get your clothes clean – even with the odd larger item thrown in.
6+ times a week – make it as easy as possible and reduce your amount of washes by choosing a large capacity washing machine with an 8-10kg drum.


What do you wash?

Mainly cottons – a machine with delicate programmes doesn't need to be a priority.
Delicates – a model with a hand wash programme takes extra special care of your dainty delicates and stylish silks.
Wool – a dedicated wool programme keeps your wool extra fluffy and extra safe, and makes your washer a shrink and stretch free zone.


How do you dry?

The quicker your clothes spin in the wash cycle, the more moisture is spun out and the less drying they’ll need. So for quick drying choose a washer with a fast spin speed.

#EASYTIP: For delicate clothes, lower spin speeds are best.


When do you do your laundry?

Wash when you want to by delaying the start of your cycle to a time that suits you:
- Late at night or early in the morning for cheaper energy bills.
- While you’re at work, set to finish just in time for your return.


#EASYTIP - Remove grease stains

Stubborn grease stain on your favourite shirt? Just rub it over with some chalk before putting it to the wash. Easy.

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Laundry Symbols Made Easy

Laundry symbols?

Washing should be simple. We've made a cheat sheet explaining all the laundry symbols on your clothing.

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