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Difficult to find the best vacuum cleaner for your needs? This guide helps you choose the optimal vacuum cleaner for your home.

If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma

The indoor air can cause a lot of problems if you suffer from asthma or allergy symtoms. Make sure the vacuum cleaner you choose is efficient, is air-tight so particles doesn’t escape it, and has a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air). HEPA-filters trap fine particles that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, like pollen and dust mite faeces.

Choose an efficient vacuum cleaner equipped with  a HEPA filter, to make sure you get rid of allergens in the air.


If you have pets

Hair from pets can be extremely hard to get rid of, especially from fabrics like carpets and upholstery. A vacuum cleaner with a turbo nozzle is the best choice for picking up embedded hair. A mini turbo brush is handy and efficient for cleaning upholstery.

Choose a vacuum cleaner with a turbo nozzle, and a mini turbo brush.

Vacuum once a week? Vacuum a little every now and then?

The traditional way to clean is to vacuum the entire home once a week. For this, the regular vacuum cleaners are perfect – they offer plenty of cleaning power thanks to powerful suction and efficient nozzles.

A smart way to keep the home tidy is “instant cleaning” – to vacuum when it’s needed, where it’s needed. For this purpose, cordless vacuum cleaners are perfect. They are made to always be at hand, with a neat design so you don’t have to hide the vacuum cleaner away in a cupboard.

So, once a week with a regular vacuum cleaner, or a little when needed? Many people do both.

Choose the type of vacuum cleaner that fits your way of cleaning best. Why not both of them?

If you have a large home

Some vacuum cleaners have an extra long cord, so you don’t have to stop and change socket as often – handy if you have a large home. If the size of your home demands a lot of vacuuming, choose a vacuum cleaner with good dust pick-up – that makes vacuuming more efficient and easier. Also, if you vacuum a lot, it’s extra important to choose a vacuum that’s easy to manoeuvre and has ergonomic features. An ergonomic handle combined with a manoeuvrable nozzle, for example, ease the strain on your wrist.

Choose a vacuum cleaner that’s ergonomic, easy to manoeuvre and has a long cord.


If you have a compact home

Consider the storage area you have available and look for a compact vacuum cleaner that fits in. Look at the number and position of the parking clips that holds the nozzle to the vacuum cleaner, they make storage easier. An interesting alternative may be a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Its slim design makes it easy to stow away, for example behind a door.

If your storage possibilities are very limited, there’s the opportunity to choose a vacuum cleaner with a design that’s so attractive you’ll be happy to leave it out in the open.

Choose a compact vacuum cleaner that’s easy to handle and store.

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