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Buying the right appliance can save you time, energy, and money. Dishwashers are no different. If you’re feeling a little unsure about what to look for, here are a few hints to help you decide.


Different households load differently, so take a minute to consider the size and style that suits you best.

Compact dishwashers work great for a small household because they’re small on the outside and roomy on the inside. They wash breakfast, lunch and dinner loads for two people and will fit on a draining board or work surface.

Slim Line
Slim line models come in handy when you don’t have a lot of space. But don’t let size fool you – even at only 45cm wide, 85cm high, they have all the washing power of bigger models.

Full Size
At up to 60cm wide, full size models are perfect for households that use lots of dishes and need space for all those bowls, cups, pans, and utensils!

Fully Integrated
Fully integrated models have concealed controls and take a full furniture door, so it blends right in with the rest of your kitchen.

Semi-integrated dishwashers coordinate with your other Zanussi appliances. Below the fascia panel they take a furniture door to match your kitchen.


Salt? That’s right, salt is important. Dendrite salt is added to dishwashers to soften water and prevent streaking caused by lime scale. In a majority of our machines, a warning light shows when the dispenser needs refilling.


Our wash programmes provide the flexibility you need to load and go – have fun, relax, enjoy your day, and let your Zanussi take care of the dishes! And full range of temperatures guarantees everything from your wine glasses to your dirty dishes will be cleaned perfectly and safely.

Auto Wash
Selects automatically the optimum temperature, wash time, and water use for your load at the touch of a button.

Quick Wash
Washes dishes thoroughly in just 30 minutes at 60 degrees.

Delicates and glass
Washes at 45 degrees, keeping the temperature constant throughout the cycle to avoid thermal shock.


Zanussi dishwashers are designed to make your life easier in the kitchen. Look for the best combination of features that work for you.

Rinse Aid
Removes detergent during rinsing, leaving your crockery without spots or streaks. You won’t find yourself trying to figure out if your dispenser needs filling, either. Rinse Aid light lets you know automatically.

Time Delay
Delays the start of a programme by up to 24 hours, so you can run your machine while you’re at work, or take advantage of cheaper electricity rates at night.

Adjustable Baskets
Fit anything from saucepans to big serving dishes inside with no problem! You can also adjust the height of a basket if you need more room, even if you already have a full load.

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