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Tumble Dryer

Zanussi appliances are all designed to work together harmoniously, so you don’t have to feel like you’re comparing apples to oranges. Even if you already own a Zanussi washer, we’ve made it easier to choose a dryer to go with it.


You don’t need a big laundry room to be comfortable while you’re doing the wash. Zanussi dryers work with the space you have, giving you the flexibility and ease of installation you need.

Condenser dryers can go pretty much anywhere in the home without needing a vent nearby. Moisture produced during the drying cycle is stored in a special container for easy disposal.

If you position your washer near an outside wall, consider a vented dryer. Moist air is expelled through a venting kit, which has 3 positions for different sized vent holes in the wall.

Ideal for small flats and homes with limited room, compact dryers can stand alone, safely sit above a washer with a stacking kit, or even hang on a wall.

Energy Saving

Our 7kg dryers let you combine laundry into one big load. So, you’ll save time and electricity by cutting down on the number of loads you dry at a time, not to mention getting your laundry done faster so you can get back to other, more relaxing activities.


Big or small, you can be confident that Zanussi dryers will handle any size load you toss inside, saving you time and energy.

The days of sorting laundry are over. Dry bigger loads and toss bulky items inside our 7kg machines easily.


We don’t believe laundry should take up the whole weekend – especially when you could spend it relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Automatic & Manual Spin
Spin speed can be automatically or manually reduced for a specific programme. So you’ll get your laundry out of the dryer exactly when you need it.

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