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A No-frost or Frost free appliance should be defrosted at least once per year.
If the door has been accidentaly left open for a period of time, or many items have been loaded simultaneously, ice deposits can appear.
Please refer to the User Manual or follow steps below and start attached animation for the correct defrost procedure:
- Switch Off the appliance and take mains plug from wall socket;
- Remove products and drawers inside;
- If supplied, place combined ice-scraper/drainage-extension and place a drip tray;
- Let the ice deposits defrost in natural way by leaving the door(s) open for 48 hours minimum.;
- Clean and dry the interior with a cloth;
Remove the drainage-extension and re-install drawers;
- Close the door(s) and reconnect mains supply;
Switch On appliance and wait until the required temperature is reached (4-6 hours).
Warning: Never use a sharp object to remove the ice deposits as this may damage the interior or create a leak in the cooling system.

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