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  • Wonderfully warm plates, whenever you want
  • Warmer from corner-to-corner
  • Your expectations, raised
  • Easily reached, steady stacking
  • Designed to be aligned
  • Even heating, with XL turntable
  • Simple solutions, with the microwave function
  • EasyOpen, the touch-activated door
  • Save your settings, with the Favourite Function
  • Defrost Programme, for frozen meals
  • Quick heating and even cooking
  • Evenly cooked results, on any level
  • The bakery experience, with PlusSteam
  • Catalytic Cleaning – a spotless oven with only a wipe
  • Convection oven, for Even Cooking
  • The self-cleaning oven, with pyrolytic technology
  • No more scrubbing, with pyrolytic cleaning
  • Evenly cooked results, on any level
  • 40% quicker warming, with Fast heat-up
  • Assisted cooking programs and LED Display make cooking more fun.
  • Quick heating and even cooking
  • Double Oven—multitasking made easy
  • Convection oven, for Even Cooking
  • Touch to time every meal / Perfectly timed meals with LED display / Time taken care of
  • Oven light, for a better view
  • Combine cooking zones, for every pan
  • JoinZone, designed for larger pans
  • Automatic fans, with Hob2Hood
  • Swipe for temperature control with Direct Touch
  • No overcooking with Timer function
  • Glass surface for quick cleaning
  • Easy to Clean Hob. Only needs a wipe
  • Space for any pan, with OvalZone
  • Total hob management, with Touch Controls
  • Residual heat indicators
  • Enjoy a pleasant and stylish kitchen
  • Because cooking isn't always about 'one thing at a time'!
  • Ensures your kitchen will always smell nice and fresh!
  • Why spend more time cleaning appliances than you have to?
  • The cooking hood that's almost invisible!
  • Gives you fast, easy, fingertip control
Gas hob
Gas hob
  • High firmness and stability of cookware
  • Turn up the heat, with Powerful Wok
  • Maximising hob space with SideWok
  • Perfect Flame Regulation, for perfect temperature
  • Cast Iron Grids, for the professional look
  • Glassy island hood keeps your kitchen fresh at all times
  • For those who enjoy more cooking space
  • Why spend more time cleaning appliances than you have to?
  • For those who like no-fuss operation
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