Grill, bake and roast in one multi-function oven. Or go further with a steam oven that gives your dishes juiciness on the inside and crispiness on the outside.

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Cleaning made effortless

Save time scrubbing and make cleaning effortless with our ovens featuring Pyrolytic cleaning.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Pyrolytic Cleaning

  • With one touch of the Pyrolytic cleaning function, dirt, grease and food residue in the oven is converted into ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth.

Find your perfect oven

Your oven is the centrepiece of your kitchen. Whether you're cooking for the masses or it's just the two of you, whether you prefer sizzling grills or succulent roasts. Here's how to find the right oven for you.



With its range of cooking functions like top and bottom heating elements, grill and fan, this multifunction oven makes cooking easier ‒ no matter what's on the menu.

  • Defrost Function
  • Smooth enamel for easy cleaning
  • Clean 'n' clear enamel interior

The Multiplus oven with ring element offers the ideal cooking function for any recipe, and its even heat distribution system lets you cook on several levels at once.

  • Pyro Cleaning Function
  • XXL Capacity
  • Easy to Use

This double oven gives you the flexibility you need to prepare larger meals. The two oven cavities make it easy to bake and grill simultaneously.

  • Multiplus Function
  • Set & Go Function
  • Defrost Function
  • Catalytic Lining