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Grill, bake and roast? Easy. With a multi-function oven from Zanussi cook anything you desire and make cleaning efforless with Pyrolytic Cleaning. Check out the Series 60 SelfClean Oven and you'll never have to scrub again, simply wipe away clean.

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Cleaning made effortless

With Pyrolytic Technology, never scrub the oven again. Once activated, the door will lock and high temperatures will turn cooking residue inside to ash. Then just simply wipe away once the oven has cooled for ease of use keeping cooking fresh & safe.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

  • Turn cooking residue into ash
  • Simply wipe away
  • Never have to scrub the oven again

Healthier and crispy results

The Series 40 AirFry Oven provides a healthier alternative to oil frying. You can now enjoy the crunch of perfectly fried food - including your regular favourites as well as adding a tasty crunch to vegetables. For tender insides and crispy outsides with little or no oil. 

Series 40 AirFry Oven

Series 40 AirFry Oven

  • Dedicated AirFry function
  • Allows even air circulation
  • Removing the need for turning

Crispy food made simple with AirFry

The AirFry function with the innovative perforated AirFry tray lets air circulate around your food to evenly heat it from all angles. Removing the need for turning, so you can just enjoy the crunch of perfectly fried food. 


The Series 20 FanCook Oven circulates hot air heat with its fan and ring element. Air is continuously moved around in the oven cavity, to make sure that dishes can be cooked on different level at the same time
  • Multilevel Cooking
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • XL capacity bigger dishes
  • Easy to clean enamel
The Series 60 SelfClean oven with pyrolytic technology means you'll never have to scrub the oven again. When the setting is turned on, the door will lock, and high temperatures will be activated, turning cooking residue into ash. Which can be simply wiped away once the oven has cooled.
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning Function
  • PlusSteam Function
  • Easy to Use
The hot air generated inside the oven during cooking is moved around with a fan, so all your dishes receive the same amount of heat. This lets the oven heat up faster, which means you’ll get the same results using 20% lower temperatures, saving time and using less energy.
  • Convection Oven
  • Cook More With XL
  • Multilevel Cooking
  • Catalytic Lining

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