Clean Dishes in 30 Minutes? Easy. Check out our range of modern, energy saving and powerful dishwashers. With AirDry, OrbitClean and MaxiFlex (find out more below) designed to perform and keep all of your dishes clean and cared for.

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AirDry technology finishes each cycle with a breath of fresh air - performing three times better than the closed door systems. The door opens automatically during the drying phase without having to lift a finger, allowing air in leaving plates and cutlery completely dry.

AirDry Technology

AirDry Technology

  • Door automatically opens at end of the cycle
  • Dry your dishes with natural airflows
  • Performs three times better than the closed-door systems


With the Series 40 OrbitClean, never worry about a packed dishwasher again. Thanks to a double rotating arm which continuously changes the angle of spray to ensure water reach every corner and dish. Get up to three times better coverage and get ready for spotless dishes everytime.

Orbit Clean

Orbit Clean

  • Three times better spray coverage
  • Double-rotating mechanism
  • Changing direction and angle during the cycle

Fit All Utensils? Easy.

With the MaxiFlex drawer, you can wash even the bulkiest utensils with ease. Customisable dividers and a deep drawer make sure that all shapes and sizes are accommodated by the smart design. From whisks to spatulas, wash everything in just one cycle.

MaxiFlex Drawer

MaxiFlex Drawer

  • Customisable dividers
  • All shapes and sizes are accommodated
  • Everything washed in one cycle


Use the Auto Program in our dishwasher for the most eco-friendly clean. It automatically detects just how much water, energy and time is needed for spotless results.
  • Fully Adjustable Load
  • AirDry Technology
  • Quick Wash Programme
Our dishwasher has customisable compartments that can fit dishes of all shapes and size. Simply adjust the racks and lift the basket to load and clean everything at once, reducing the need for multiple cycles.
  • 24 Hour Delay Function
  • AutoWash Feature
  • AirDry Technology
The MaxiFlex accommodates and cleans all your kitchen tools. The drawer is fully customisable, so you can change the layout to fit your cutlery and utensils. The deep drawer means that items of any size can be washed well, in just one load.
  • MaxiFlex Drawer
  • AirDry Technology
  • 14 Place Setting


The trick to choosing a dishwasher? Let us help. Check out our guide on getting the most out of convenience, capacity and energy use below.