Washing machines

Wash more in one load? EASY.

Our reliable, easy-to-use XXL washing machines have loads of helpful features – like quick 30-minute washes, self-cleaning drawers and XXL doors. Meaning you can do loads more, in one go, EASY.


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Powerful cleaning. Perfect results.

Optimised distribution of detergent and water into the heart of the load. With Aquafall technology, water and detergent is delivered right into the centre of the load to ensure all items are soaked through quickly and washed efficiently.


  • Deliver water and detergent into the centre
  • all items washed efficiently
  • Optimised distribution

High capacity. Wash more in one go.

XXL Drum lets you fit more clothes in for less cycles. These washing machines have an extra large drum so you can wash more in one go and reduce the amount of washes you have to do each week.

High Capacity Laundry

High Capacity Laundry

  • Extra large drum
  • Reduce the amount of washes
  • Fit more clothes in one wash


To find your perfect washing machine, you'll need to consider a few things – like the space in your home, the right location, the fabrics you care for and how many washes you do per week. Our washing machine buying guide means it's easy to make the perfect choice.


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XXL door - generously sized door makes loading and unloading, easy. 

Auto Sense - save energy, time, water and money with a self adjusting cycles, meaning you never use anymore than you need to.   

Inverter motor - quieter spins and a more reliable longer lasting machine.

30 at 30 - with the preset 30 degree cycle just press go, to save time and money, easy.