Instructions for use for Premium Universal Descaler

Last updated 19/12/2022 10:32

Important: Always refer to the descaling instructions of the product to ensure a correct descaling process! Do not mix the descaler with other products. Recommended doing a safety test for sensitive materials and surfaces. Not suitable for dishes or enamelled objects.

Coffee machines: Add 200 ml liquid and 1 litre of water into the water tank and start the machine. Repeat the process for extreme calcification. After descaling, run 2 tank fillings of fresh water through the machine.

Kettles: Add the decalcifier into the kettle and expose up to half an hour (depending on calcification degree). Rinse thoroughly with clear water. 

Irons: Fill in one cup of descaler and three cups of water and descale according to the appliance user manual. 

Showerheads, faucet screens, immersion heaters, etc.: Place the item in a container and fill it with a decalcifier. Rinse the items afterwards with clear water.

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