Hob displays message "—"

Last updated 20/10/2022 07:23


  • Hob displays an error message "—"
  • Hob displays a line
  • Acoustic signal sounds and the hob switches itself off

Applies to:

  • integrated electric hob
  • freestanding cooker with electric hob
  • integrated induction hob
  • freestanding cooker with induction hob


1. The message "—" indicates that the Automatic Switch Off function operates.

Automatic Switch Off function deactivates the hob automatically if:

  • All cooking zones are deactivated
  • You do not set the heat setting after you activate the hob
  • You spill something or put something on the control panel for more than 10 seconds (a pan, a cloth, etc.). An acoustic signal sounds and the hob deactivates. Remove the object or clean the control panel.
  • The hob gets too hot (e.g. when a saucepan boils dry). Let the cooking zone cool down before you use the hob again.
  • You do not deactivate a cooking zone or change the heat setting. After some time "—" comes on and the hob deactivates.
2. Contact an Authorized Service Center.

If the above advices do not resolve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer.

Make a note of the reported error code and quote it when you request an engineer. This will not solve your problem, but it will help our engineer identify the cause of the problem.

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