How To Use BoilAssist Function on a Zanussi Induction Hob

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How To Use BoilAssist Function on Zanussi Induction

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 BoilAssist Zanussi Induction Hobs


BoilAssist is a function on your Zanussi Induction Hob that looks after the initial boiling of water on your behalf. A vibration sensor under the glass detects when water reaches a rolling boil and reduces to a controlled simmer. This prevents overboiling and spill overs.

The BoilAssist function on your induction hob will look like this

How to use BoilAssist 


  • The Pause function and lifting of the pot deactivate BoilAssist.
  • If there is any residual heat / on the cooking zone you want to use, an acoustic signal is emitted, and the function will not start


1. Touch   to activate the hob.

2. Touch     to activate the function.

A blinking    appears for cooking zones on which you can presently use the function.

3. Touch the control bar of any available cooking zone for which you want to start the function (between the heat setting 1-9).

The function starts. If you do not choose any cooking zone within 5 seconds the function does not activate.

  • Once the function starts the indicators above the symbol   come on one after another until the water reaches the boiling point.
  • When the function detects the boiling point the hob emits an acoustic signal and the heat level automatically changes to 5.
  • If all cooking zones are already in use or there is some residual heat on all of them, the hob emits a beep sound, the indicators above blink and the function does not start.

4.To deactivate the function touch   (the function deactivates and the heat setting goes down to 0) or touch the control bar and adjust the heat setting manually.

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