How To Cook from Food From Frozen In A Microwave and Defrosting Tips

Last updated 25/10/2022 07:34


How To Cook from Food  From Frozen In A Microwave and Defrosting Tips

Applies to

Microwaves with and without turntables


A cook from frozen product, such as a frozen ready meal lasagne, will have instructions of how to cook.  Please remember these are general instructions as a guide for all types of microwaves, not just yours.  

You may need a little less or a little more cooking time than the instructions state.  If possible, defrost frozen and unpacked foods in a glass or porcelain container.  

You should always turn defrosting or cooking from frozen products at least once, usually halfway, through the process.  

Also stirring the food, if possible, at this stage will help with even cooking.  It is also recommended to cover frozen / defrosting foods to keep in heat, avoid drying up and reduce any possible mess.  

Allow enough time for meals to get hot because some parts of the dish may need more time.  Finally leaving your food covered for a minute or two so the heat can better balance itself.