Microwave function in my microwave / compact oven does not work

Last updated 26/04/2023 12:43


  • The microwave function on the appliance does not work
  • The microwave is not heating
  • The food is taking longer to heat through and cook than before

Applies to

  • Microwaves
  • Compact ovens with microwave function


1. Ensure that the door is completely closed.

The appliance will not start with the door open. Make sure nothing is blocking the latches on the door to ensure the appliance can close correctly. 

Check if the START key has been pressed.

2. Make sure you are using the correct setting. 

Our combination ovens have a standalone microwave function and are set a bit differently from microwaves. 

Click HERE to see how to use a Combination oven. 

3. If the food is taking longer to heat through and cook than before - set a longer cooking time or set a higher power setting.

Food comes in all shapes, sizes and textures. The quantities also vary. For these reasons, the time and amount of energy needed to defrost, heat or cook will also vary. As a general rule: double food quantity = nearly double time.

Microwaves work by making the food heat itself up. Because of this, not all areas of the food will be heated at the same time. When heating larger quantities of food, it is particularly important to stir or turn them over.

4. Reset the appliance by switching off the power source. 

Wait 30 seconds and switch it on again.

Unfortunately due to health and safety, we cannot give instructions on how to further troubleshoot potential faults like this. Therefore, if the above advice does not resolve the problem, we recommend requesting a visit by a service engineer. You can also search for a more specific article to help with your situation here.

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