The microwave oven turntable is not turning

Last updated 13/12/2022 08:09


  • The microwave oven turntable is not turning

Applies to

  • Microwave Ovens


There could be a variety of reasons why your microwave turntable is not turning.

If the appliance is newly installed:

1. Check if the turntable support is correctly connected to the drive.

  • Place the turntable support in the hole on the floor of the cavity. The turntable support should easily slot into place. 
  • If this isn’t the case then check the turntable support for any damage.

1 = Turntable

2 = Turntable Support

If you have had the appliance a while and the turn table has suddenly stopped working and you have checked the turntable support is correctly connected, then we recommend trying the following:

1. Check if the ovenware does not extend beyond the turntable.

2. Check if the food does not extend beyond the edge of the turntable preventing it from rotating.

3. Check the glass turntable for any damage.

4. Check if there is nothing in the well beneath the turntable – sometimes food might drop onto the base of the microwave and may obstruct the rollers from moving which as a result will stop the turntable from moving.

If you have recently ordered a replacement glass turntable, then make sure that the glass turntable is not touching the sides of the microwave.

If the above hasn’t worked them we recommend a visit by a service engineer.

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