How to set a cooker timer (duration) / minute minder

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  • How to set a cooker timer (duration) / minute minder

Applies to

  • Freestanding cookers


Setting the oven minute minder and duration (timer)

Setting the Minute Minder

1. Press  button again and again until starts to flash.

2. Press  and  to set the necessary time.

3. The Minute Minder starts automatically after 5 seconds.

4. When the set time ends, an acoustic signal sounds. Press any button to stop the acoustic signal.

Settings the Duration*

*availability of this function depends on the model. Check your user manual for more information

1. Set the oven function and temperature

2. Press  button again and again until starts to flash.

2. Use  and  to set the duration time.

3. The display will show .

4. When the time ends flashes, the acoustic signal sounds and the oven turns off automatically.

5. Press any button to end the acoustic signal.

6. Turn the knob for the oven functions and the knob for the temperature to the off position

Cancelling the clock functions

1. Press the again and again until the necessary function indicator starts to flash.

2. Press and hold . The clock function goes out after some seconds.

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