Only one oven is working, One oven is not heating (Integrated Double Ovens & Freestanding Cookers)

Last updated 16/09/2021 10:41


If either your top or bottom oven is not working and this is the ovens first use, this may indicate an electrical installation issue. 

On used appliances, one of the ovens not heating is most commonly a fault with one of your oven elements.  

Other faults may need to be diagnosed by our Consumer Services team or qualified Service Technician.

Applies to:

  • Integrated Double Oven
  • Freestanding Cooker with Double Oven


1. New Oven - Check if the appliance is correctly connected to the electrical supply. 

For this you may initially want to contact your installation contractor. 

2. Older appliances - Speak to our team who can diagnose the fault and arrange a repair.

Select Book a repair below.  

Appliances covered by a warranty are eligible for a free repair if the appliance has a manufacturing defect.  

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