Only one oven is working, One oven is not heating (Integrated Double Ovens & Freestanding Cookers)

Last updated 02/12/2022 07:50


If either your top or bottom oven is not working and this is the oven's first use, this may indicate an electrical installation issue. 

On used appliances, one of the ovens not heating is most commonly a fault with one of your oven elements.  

Other faults may need to be diagnosed by our Consumer Services team or a qualified Service Technician.

Applies to

  • Integrated Double Oven
  • Freestanding Cooker with Double Oven


For a recently installed oven:

If one of your ovens is working and the other isn’t it can indicate that the electrical installation was not correctly connected. All electrical connections should be made by a qualified electrician so we would recommend taking this up with the installation contractor.

For older appliances – there can be a few different reasons why one oven might not be working in the appliance.

The issue could be:

  • Relating to the element

To check this, try different cooking options such as grill or conventional.

  • Relating to the fan

Put the appliance on the fan setting and you should be able to see through the door if the fan is working.

  • Relating to the internal wiring

This is hard to check as the wiring is internal and not easily accessible unless by an Authorised Technician.  

  • Relating to the Programme Control Board

Again, unfortunately, this is hard to confirm without a visit from an Authorised Technician.

With all these issues on an older appliance, we would recommend organising a repair visit from one of our Authorised Technicians. If you have managed to narrow it down to one of the above issues this will help with the booking process and our Technicians' preparation for their visit.

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