Oven Glass Shattered

Last updated 24/04/2024 14:21


  • Oven door glass has shattered in to small pieces

Applies to

  • Built-in ovens
  • Freestanding cookers


We know that if the tempered glass shatters, the noise and broken glass can be quite alarming.

If this has unfortunately happened to you we are here to help, support and look after you. 

In this document, we will explain why this may happen and we will guide you on what to do next.

Contact number for customer care - 03445611611


The model number (Prod.No. / PNC) and details of your oven. This is so we are able to deal with this issue for you and make sure we have ordered the correct piece of glass for you.  

These detail can be found inside your oven door just like in the image below.

In this document, we will explain why this may happen and we will guide you on what to do next.

Door glass shattering is not very common, all tempered glass manufactured for appliances or other purposes can shatter if subjected to certain conditions.  

Tempered glass is designed to break into small fragments therefore it will not leave sharp points and long shards of dangerous glass. However, we still recommend precautions taken when clearing the broken glass.  

 Below is a photo of tempered glass. Glass may fall from the door

Clear the broken glass:

  • Ensure the area is clear from pets and children
  • Ensure you are wearing shoes when inspecting the appliance 
  • Before sweeping the glass ensure the appliance is cold
    • You are wearing protective gloves
    • You are using a dustpan and brush or another tool suitable for clearing glass segments. 
    • Do not attempt to vacuum broken glass. 

Replacing the glass

  • If an inner pane of glass has been damaged, perhaps during cleaning, a replacement can be purchased on our Webshop
  • If the outer door has shattered or you would like a visit from a Service Technician, call us to arrange a repair

How to avoid broken glass:

  • Do not place dishes on the oven door, doors are not designed to be load-bearing, and this may cause damage to hinges or the glass
  • Avoid exposure to extreme changes in temperature, such as a hot casserole dish against the oven door, this can cause damage that will weaken the strength of the door
  • Avoid applying a cold cleaning solution or wet cloth if the oven is still hot, again the change in temperature could damage the glass
  • Avoid knocks on the door especially on the sides of the pains when removing to clean
  • Avoid the door slamming closed
  • Ensure the appliance housing is level and square

A defect from manufacturing would generally occur early in use, please contact our team if you would like to arrange an inspection from a Service Technician. 

If the glass has broken due to impact, you can visit our Webshop to purchase replacement glass.

Book a repair
Book a repair

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