Oven light does not work

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  • The oven light does not work
  • The oven light turns off on certain functions/settings/programs
  • How to replace the light bulb in my oven?

Applies to

  • Built-in oven
  • Freestanding cooker


Sometimes the light/lamp inside the oven may not come on. Before we look at replacing the bulb, here are a few points worth noting.

Not every heating function you select will automatically turn the lamp on/off. To ensure it is a fault with the lamp, either select the specific light function (if your oven has one) or select either True Fan Cooking or just regular Conventional Cooking

Both these modes will automatically turn the light/lamp on. If it doesn't come on, this will indicate a problem with the lamp itself (*or potentially something else). 

In some models, the lamp may automatically deactivate at a temperature below 60 °C during some oven functions.

If the lamp fails to operate it may be defective and need replacing (see steps on how to remove/refit below)

If the oven is new and within the manufacturer's warranty and the lamp has suddenly stopped working please contact the retail outlet you purchased the oven as the lamp should not be defective straight out of the box.

*If you have replaced the defective lamp and it still doesn't work, there may be another issue that will require an engineer visit.

How to replace the light bulb:

  • If the light does not work in any heating mode, and the bulb’s glass is dark/black, it is likely to be blown and thus needs to be replaced.
  • Before you purchase a new light bulb, make sure you know the exact type of socket used (e.g. E14, G4, G9).
  • You can buy a new bulb directly from our website
  • Once you have the new bulb, follow the guide below on how to fit it.

We appreciate the below diagram (location of lamp) may vary slightly between models but this is a general guide and the principles remain the same between models. If you would like an exact guide on your specific model you can download your user manual HERE. Have your model code OR 9-digit PNC number ready. 

If you are not sure where to find the model designation and PNC number, please refer to the article: 

Where can I find the appliance's PNC number?

*TOP TIP - The info regarding bulb replacement and maintenance is right at the back of the manual.

Top Lamp

1. Turn off the oven. Wait until the oven is cold

2. Disconnect the oven from the mains

3. Put a cloth on the bottom of the cavity

4. Twist (usually to the left) the glass cover that protects the bulb to remove it. Sometimes this can be very stiff, try using a tea towel to increase purchase.

5. Clean the glass cover

6. Gently remove the bulb from its housing. If it is a small capsule bulb you will need to pull forward. If it is a standard bulb you will need to turn it anti-clockwise. Sometimes this can be stiff so we would recommend using a tea towel to increase the purchase of the bulb. 

7. Replace the bulb with your new 300-degree heat-resistant lamp. 

8. Put the glass cover back and twist it in place to secure it.

9. Turn the mains back on and select the light function or a particular heat function (as mentioned above) to test if the light is now working.

Side Lamp

1. Some of our appliances have a lamp on the side of the oven cavity as well.

2. Remove the left shelf support to get access to the lamp. These usually come off just by pulling. Some need a screw to be removed.

3. Use a Torx 20 screwdriver (or a teaspoon) to remove the cover.

4. Remove and clean the metal frame and the seal.

5. Replace the lamp with a suitable 300-degree heat-resistant lamp.

5. Install the metal frame and the seal. Tighten the screws.

6. Install the left shelf support.

If you have replaced the bulb in the appliance with a correct replacement and the issue is still occurring we would recommend a visit from an authorised technician. - Please select 'Book a Repair' and either book online or contact our team.

Some appliances with LED lamps installed will need a technician to replace them. This will also be detailed in your user manual if this applies to your appliance.  

If you found the following information helpful, please give us a thumbs up below. If this information does not resolve your question, all constructive feedback is welcome.

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  • Don’t open the oven to check the cooking process. You will lose heat and humidity and the food will take longer to cook, consuming more energy
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  • Take unused accessories out of the oven when cooking – they just consume more energy
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