Oven steam self - cleaning function

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How to use oven steam self-cleaning function

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Ovens with a steam self-cleaning function


Important: Completely cool down the oven before starting the program. If the oven is hot, the steam doesn’t work so quickly.

Steam cleaning regularly is a great way to keep up to date with the maintenance of the inside of your oven as it helps lift food splatters from the oven's surface.

Turning on the steam self-cleaning function:

1. Turn oven on

2. Select menu

3. Select cleaning

4. Select steam or steam plus (steam plus will be more intensive)

5. Follow instructions on your display

     Take everything out of the oven cavity including side racks

     Fill water reservoir

     Spray oven cleaner in the cavity (the longer you can leave this to soak on the better)

6. Once you’ve followed the instructions the oven will begin steam cleaning

7, Listen out for the oven beeping at you as you may need to top up the reservoir again

8. The oven will also admit an audio sound to say the programme has finished

9. Dry the cavity and put everything back in 

10. Polish the door with a window cleaning agent

Steam cleaning process step by step:

  • After 2 minutes steam starts to appear on the inside of the oven door.
  • After 5 minutes it becomes difficult to see the inside of the oven compartment. Water droplets run down the inside of the oven door.
  • After 7 minutes the steam slowly begins to disappear. The inside of the oven compartment becomes much more visible.
  • From the 7th minute until the end, the steam continues to disappear. 
  • There is moisture in the oven compartment when the program ends after 15 minutes.

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