The oven door cannot be opened after pyrolytic cleaning

Last updated 16/10/2023 13:32


  • After the pyrolytic cleaning, the oven door can no longer be opened
  • The door remains locked after self-cleaning
  • The oven door cannot be opened

Applies to

  • oven with pyrolytic self- cleaning function


During the pyrolytic cleaning, interior temperature reaches up to approx. 500°C, therefore, for safety reasons, the door is automatically locked.

Do not try to open the door until pyrolytic cleaning is complete.

Depending on the model, the padlock symbol is shown on the display


At the end of the cleaning program, the door lock is automatically released when the oven has cooled down. The symbol above goes out.

Further information can be found in the oven user manual

If the oven door remains locked after the appliance cooled down, turn off the appliance from the mains supply, wait for 5 min and then switch back on at the mains supply and restart your appliance.

If the issue persists, please contact our Customer Care Team.

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