How to use “power cool”, and “power freeze” function?

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  • How to use “power cool” and “power freeze” function?
  • How to use “Coolmatic” and “Frostmatic” function?

Applies to

  • Fridge freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers



PowerCool also referred to as the Coolmatic function depending on the model – Applies To Fridge

If you need to insert a large amount of warm food into the fridge compartment, for example after doing the grocery shopping, we suggest activating the Powercool /Coolmatic function to chill the products more rapidly and to avoid warming the other food which is already in the refrigerator.The temperature is reduced to 2 degrees and resets automatically after 6 hours if not switched off.

 1. Press the Mode until the corresponding icon appears. The indicator flashes.

2. Press the OK to confirm. The   indicator is shown. The fan activates automatically for the function duration. This function stops automatically after approximately 6 hours.



 PowerFreeze is also referred to as the FastFreeze or Frostmatic function depending on the model -Applies to Freezer

The Frostmatic function is used to perform prefreezing and fast freezing in sequence of Freezer compartment. This function accelerates the freezing of fresh food and, at the same time, protects foodstuffs already stored from undesirable warming. To freeze fresh food activate the Frostmatic function at least 24 hours before placing the food to complete prefreezing.

1. To activate this function press the Mode button until the corresponding icon appears. The indicator flashes.

2. Press the OK button to confirm. The indicator is shown. This function stops automatically after 52 hours. You can deactivate the Frostmatic function before its automatic end by repeating the procedure until the Frostmatic indicator turns off or by selecting a different set temperature.


Additional Information you may find useful regarding the DrinksChill Function if it is available on your Freezer

DrinksChill Function

The DrinksChill function is used to set an acoustic alarm at the preferred time, useful for example when a recipe requires to cool down food products for a certain period of time.

It is also useful when a reminder is needed in order not to forget the bottles or cans placed in the freezer for fast cooling.

 1. Press Mode until the corresponding icon appears. The DrinksChill indicator  flashes. The Timer shows the set value (30 minutes) for a few seconds.

2. Press the Timer regulator to change the Timer set value from 1 to 90 minutes.

3. Press OK to confirm. The DrinksChill indicator is shown. The Timer starts to flash (min). At the end of the countdown the "0 min" indicator flashes and an audible alarm sounds. Press OK to switch off the sound and terminate the function. To switch off the function repeat the procedure until the DrinksChill goes off. It is possible to change the time at any time during the countdown and at the end by pressing the Temperature colder button and the Temperature warmer button.


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