Is the temperature inside the fridge freezer the same in every part?

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  • Is the temperature inside the fridge freezer the same in every part?
  • Are there different temperature areas in the fridge?

Applies to

  • Freestanding fridge-freezer
  • Freestanding refrigerator
  • Built-in fridge-freezer
  • Built-in refrigerator


1. The set value refers to the average temperature of the inner liner:

  • The momentary temperatures in the shelves, compartments can be different (more than one degree) depending on the operation of the appliance and the internal and external conditions or function
  • In general, the temperature inside can decrease from top to bottom and from the door to the back wall, or it can be lower than the set value (but only minimally).

2. Check if the air circulation is free in the appliance

Make sure that food products inside the appliance allow air circulation through dedicated holes in the rear interior of the appliance. 

Suggestion: Keep the food on all shelves no closer than 20 mm from the rear wall and 15 mm from the door.

2. Check if the appliance is equipped with a fan:

In case of electronically controlled appliance switch the „shopping mode” on the control panel.

In case of mechanical controlled (button) appliance switch on the fan.

You can find more information under Troubleshooting section in your user manual

3. When large quantities of fresh food are placed in the fridge or freezer (such as when you're storing the week's grocery shopping) use "power cool"/”supercool”/”coolmatic” or "power freeze"/”superfreeze”/”fast freeze”/”frostmatic” function.

4. Check the installation of the appliance.

Check whether the installation and positioning was done according to the installation instructions supplied with the appliance

Recommendations for food storage temperatures


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