My fridge freezer is not working

Last updated 27/03/2024 13:11


  • My fridge freezer is not operating
  • Cannot turn on my fridge / freezer
  • My fridge is not working
  • Fridge display not working

Applies to

  • Fridge freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Chest freezers


1. First, check if the appliance is switched on at the plug socket.

2. Is the plug connected correctly to the socket – has it come loose?

3. Is there power to the plug socket?  You can check this by unplugging the appliance and plugging in a lamp for example.

4. Switch off the socket and unplug the appliance. Plug the appliance back in and switch on the socket.

After switching back on, check if the internal lamp comes on or check for the noise of the compressor.

5. Has the appliance been turned off on the control panel?

Some of our appliances come with an ON/OFF button. 

The appliance should turn on when plugged back in, but you may need to turn the appliance on using the control panel. 

All our appliances are slightly different so consult your user manual – you can look it up using the link on this page.

For appliances with a rotary selector - set a value other than "0".

  • Level 1 means the warmest level
  • Level 6 means the coldest level
  • Level 0 means turning the fridge off

If the above advice resolves the issue please check the internal temperature of the appliance after it has been running for approximately 1 hour. 

You should keep your fridge temperature set at 4°C and your freezer set at -18°C. You can find your user manual by using the link on this page.

If the above advice does not resolve the issue, we recommend requesting a visit by an authorised service technician. Please click on book a repair to do this

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