Refrigerator shows an alarm, red warning light, flashing triangle or beeps

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  • Alarm is visible on the panel
  • Red light flashes on the display
  • Display shows a flashing triangle
  • Appliance emits an emergency alarm sound or beeps
  • Inadequate cooling, not cooling enough, temperature too high  

Applies to

  • Refrigerator
  • Fridge/freezer


High-temperature alarm:

When there is a temperature increase in the compartment (for example due to an earlier power failure), the alarm and temperature indicators flash and the sound is on.

To deactivate the alarm:

1. Press any button. The sound will switch off.

2. If your appliance is equipped with a display, the temperature indicator shows the highest temperature that it reached for a few seconds and then the display shows the set temperature again.

Door open alarm:


If the fridge door is left open for approximately 2-5 minutes, the sound is on and the alarm indicator flashes. The alarm stops after closing the door. During the alarm, the sound can be muted by pressing any button.

If you do not press any button, the sound switches off automatically after around one hour to avoid disturbing.

Temperature troubleshooting

Possible Cause


The temperature is not set correctly

Set a higher/lower temperature. Fridges should sit between 0-5C and Freezers should be at -18C

The door is not closed correctly.


Ensure nothing is blocking the door and the door gaskets are clean/do not need replacing. Click here for more help on closing your fridge door

The food products' temperature is too high.


Let the food product's temperature decrease to room temperature before storage. Never put hot food in your fridge or freezer as it will change the temperature of the items around it.

Many food products are stored at the same time.

Store less food products at the same time, too many at once will lower the overall temperature of your fridge/freezer. (See Coolmatic/Frostmatic functions in your manual for safely storing large amounts of warmer foods)

The thickness of the frost is greater than 4-5 mm.

Defrost the appliance. Click Here for help on defrosting your appliance.

The door has been opened often.

Open the door only if necessary. The alarm will sound if the door is left open for more than a few minutes.

The Frostmatic/Super Freeze function is switched on

Frostmatic/Super Freeze function is running. You can cancel Frostmatic by pressing and holding the freezer temperature setting button for three seconds.

The Coolmatic/Super Cool function is switched on

Coolmatic/ Super Cool function is running. Press and hold the fridge temperature setting button or Coolmatic button 

There is no cold air circulation in the appliance.


Make sure that there is cold air circulation in the appliance. This can be achieved by ensuring your fridge is not overfull. If there is still no cold air circulation, you may need to call a service engineer.


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