The lights flash on the fridge control panel, the fridge does not cool

Last updated 14/02/2023 14:42


  • Lights flash on the fridge display and it does not cool
  • It is warm inside the fridge compartment and lights flash or light up during the operation

Applies to

  • Refrigerators / Fridge-freezers with controls at the top on the side of the refrigerator


  1. If the lights flash on the panel and it is warm inside the fridge, the reason is often that a test program has been activated by for example placing food items too close to the control buttons on the panel.

  2. The problem can be solved by resetting the appliance:
    Disconnect the fridge from the mains

    Wait approx. 1 minute
    Reconnect the power to the fridge
    Check that the lamp lights up normally on the control panel and that the fridge cools normally again after a few hours.

  3. If the above steps did not solve the problem, we recommend booking a repair.
Book a repair
Book a repair

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