Dishwasher displays an error code, how to fix it?

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  • The dishwasher displays an error code ("I" followed by two digits), how to fix it?
  • The dishwasher emits beeps / LED flashes
  • My dishwasher stops working and displays a code or beeps, what to do next?

Applies to

  • Dishwashers


Your appliance may show a potential issue through a corresponding code on the display / flashing LEDs or beeps. 

For further assistance, please check out the following articles on common dishwasher malfunctions and troubleshooting tips:

Error code i10 or similar (water inlet problem): Dishwasher displays error code i10, i11, AL5, C1, beeps once, or the warning light flashes once

Error code i20 or similar (draining problem): Dishwasher displays error code I20, C2, F2 or AL6, or beeps twice, not draining

Error code i30 or similar (water leak detected): Dishwasher displays error code i30 /  beeps 3 times or the LED flashes 3 times

Error code i40 or similar (pressure sensor problem): Dishwasher displays error code i40, i43 or i44, emits 4 beeps / 4 flashes

Error code i50 or similar (wash motor/pump malfunction): Dishwasher displays error code i50

Error code i60 or similar (heating problem): Dishwasher displays error code i60 / i61 / i69 / i6C

Error code iF0 or similar (water level problem): Dishwasher displays error code iF0, iFo or iF1

For other not-listed potential faults, please use the search function on our support page

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