Dishwasher displays error code i40, i43 or i44

Last updated 09/06/2020 06:36


  • Dishwasher displays error code i40, i41, i43 or i44

Applies to

  • integrated dishwasher
  • freestanding dishwasher


Reset your appliance.

Remove the plug for the dishwasher

Check your dishwasher filter and sump ( See below ) for signs of foam/suds & debris

  • Making sure you clean all the filters 
  • Clearing any foam/suds from the sump     
  • Plug it back in. Turn on the dishwasher, select a suitable cycle and start it.
  • If the cycle starts and operates normally, the problem has been resolved.

 If the above steps don't resolve the issue then a service visit by one of our approved service providers is recommended.

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