Integrated Built In Dishwasher Door Stuck Closed

Last updated 27/04/2020 14:12


Integrated Built In Dishwasher Door Stuck Closed

Applies to

Integrated Dishwasher 


  • Check the appliance is not still performing a cycle
  • Make sure the appliance is correctly leveled, 
  • Try adjusting the appliance feet and checking with a spirit level.
  • Contact the engineer who installed the appliance to ensure the latch and door have been installed in accordance with the instruction manual.  If you are having issues the appliance may have been installed incorrectly - contact your installer to check if the door requires adjustment. 
  • Reset the appliance, switch off the power to the appliance then switch back on again after 20 - 30 seconds. Test if the appliance is working 
  • You may require a visit by a service engineer


Misalignment of latches and or hinges can cause the dishwasher door not to open and close properly and become crooked