How to disassemble and assemble the water and detergent dispenser

Last updated 23/02/2021 06:47

Before any maintenance operation, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the socket.

Always take care when moving appliances, for heavy appliances it's necessary two persons to move it. 

Always use safety gloves and enclosed footwear.

Please note that self-repair or nonprofessional repair can have safety consequences if not done properly

1. Water dispenser

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Lift the lid.

Remove the detergent dispenser.

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Before intervening on the equipment place a protection above the drum in order to prevent small parts falling inside the tub.

2. Control panel

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Insert a screwdriver into the side slots as indicated in the figure, first on one side and then on the other, always taking care to insert a protection between the cabinet and the screwdriver to avoid scratching the paint.

Lever downwards to widen the control panel slightly and unfasten the clips fixing it in place.

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Lift the front part of the control panel slightly.

Move it towards the back.

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Widen/break the clamps that block the pipes leading to the water dispenser.

Pull off the pipes

When reassembling, use camps with the same characteristics.

With a Ø of 20.5mm

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Unhook the tabs that secure it to the inlet

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Take it out of its seat

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Water dispenser/Conveyor