Condenser tumble dryer does not dry properly and/or does not heat up and/or shows wrong time duration on the display

Last updated 18/07/2024 09:10


  • Tumble dryer does not dry properly, does not heat up, the laundry is wet
  • Tumble dryer shows the wrong time duration on the display; the display is showing the remaining time of e.g.1 minute for a much longer time.

Applies to

  • Condenser dryer


Clean the tumble dryer fluff filter

At the end of each cycle, the Filter symbol comes on the display and you must clean the filter. Clean the filter after each drying cycle

1. Open the door and pull the filter up.

2. Push the hook to open the filter.

3. Use a moist hand to clean both parts of the filter.

4. If necessary, clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner. 

Close the filter.

5. If necessary, remove fluff from the filter socket and gasket. 

6. Place the filter back inside the filter socket.

After cleaning, you should be able to see through them when you hold them up towards the light.

If the filter is damaged, we recommend replacing it. 

We recommend original spare parts and accessories available on our Webshop


Why regular maintenance is important for your dryer:

Performance and drying results – Blocked filter and condenser lead to longer cycle duration and unsatisfactory drying results.

Save money and energy – Blocked filters lead to increased energy consumption. 

Longer lifetime – Caring for your machine means it will perform better for a longer time, and you could avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Safeguard warranty – If a breakdown should occur because you have skipped the basic maintenance, the machine warranty could be void

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Spare parts & Accessories

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