Tumble dryer displays error message E60 and does not heat up

Last updated 12/03/2021 13:53


  • Tumble dryer displays error message E60 and does not heat up. It indicates a heating problem.

Applies to

  • Vented dryer
  • Condenser dryer
  • Heat pump dryer


The E60 error code is connected with a heating issue.

You should never attempt to correct an electrical fault yourself, always call an authorised engineer.

clean the filters and door seal.

  • The problem can be caused by a dirty fluff filter or dirty condeser 
  • If the machine’s filters, condenser and door seal are not cleaned, they can produce an unnecessarily large amount of moisture in the room.
  •   Clean the filter after each drying cycle

At the end of each cycle, the Filter symbol  comes on the display and you must clean the filter. Clean the filter after each drying cycle

1. Open the door. 

Pull the filter up.

2. Push the hook to open the filter.

3. Use a moist hand to clean both parts of the filter.

4. If necessary, clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner. 

Close the filter.

5. If necessary, remove fluff from the filter socket and gasket. 

You can use a vacuum cleaner. 

Place the filter back inside the filter socket.

6. If the filters are excessively dirty or have limescale, they must be washed under running water or descaled.

Important: Dry the filter before putting it back to the case

After cleaning, you should be able to see through them when you hold them up towards the light.

If you are unable to clean the filters, you should replace them. 

You can buy new filters directly in our Webshop

 Make sure then that the tumble dryer is not built in, for instance, an enclosed cabinet without any ventilation. 

The room should not be too small there should be proper ventilation.

  • The dryer can be installed as a free-standing unit or under the counter with the appropriate space.
  • Refer to the user manual or separate installation leaflet supplied with your appliance.
  • Download user manual.

 Contact an Authorized Service Center if the above solutions do not correct the issue, an engineer visit may be required

you can contact our support center online to book an appointment Here

Alternatively you can call 03445 611 611

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