Tumble dryer emits unpleasant smells

Last updated 19/05/2022 06:11


  • Tumble dryer emits unpleasant smells
  • Laundry smells unpleasant after drying

Applies to

  • Heat pump tumble dryer
  • Condenser tumble dryer


There are a variety of reasons why your tumble dryer could smell:

1. If the appliance is brand new, it may smell for the first few cycles. 

If your tumble dryer isn’t new then below are some ideas of why it could smell:

1. Your fluff filter and heat exchanger need cleaning. If you are unsure how to clean your filter refer to the article Cleaning tumble dryer filters and condenser

2. After each cycle leave the tumble dryer door open slightly to allow any excess moisture to dry and leave the machine

3. After each use wipe the seal of the tumble dryer down

If your laundry smells after drying then the odour may have arisen in the washing machine (This also applies for washer dryers):

1. After your wash cycle has finished dry your laundry immediately

2. After each cycle leave the washer door open

3. After each cycle wipe the seal of the appliance down

4. Wash the laundry at the highest temperature permitted by the care label

5. Run a 60/95 degree wash programme with a special cleaning detergent (maintenance wash)

6. Remove and clean the detergent drawer

For more information refer to the article Removing and cleaning a washing machine detergent dispenser drawer

7. If necessary, use stain remover or disinfecting rinsing liquid

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