Tumble dryer emits unpleasant smells

Last updated 02/03/2021 09:41


  • Tumble dryer emits unpleasant smells
  • Laundry smells unpleasant after drying

Applies to

  • Heat pump tumble dryer
  • Condenser tumble dryer


1.  Clean regularly the fluff filter behind the door and heat exchanger located at the bottom of the appliance. Refer to the article:

Cleaning tumble dryer filters and condenser

  • More information on how to clean and maintain the appliance can be found in the user manual. 
  • Download user manual.

2. Keep the door slightly open after each cycle

3. If the laundry smells unpleasant after drying, this odour may have arisen before drying:

  • When washing, pay attention to the correct dosage of the detergent
  • Wash the laundry with the highest temperature permitted by the care label
  • If necessary, use stain remover or disinfecting rinsing liquid
  • Dry the laundry immediately after the washing cycle has finished

4. In brand new appliances, some of the plastic elements may generate an unpleasant smell, however, the smell is expected to decrease after several drying cycles

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