Zanussi dryers energy efficiency - heatpump vs condenser?

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  • How long does a full load dry to dry take in a dryer - heatpump vs condenser?
  • Are Zanussi heat pump dryers more energy-efficient than condenser dryers?

Applies to

  • Zanussi Tumble Dryers


Heatpump condenser dryers dry at a lower temperature than standard condenser dryers. Heatpump dryers will therefore be gentle on fabrics when drying and will use much less energy during the drying process. 

Because heatpump dryers dry at a lower temperature they can take longer to complete the drying cycle than a condenser model without heatpump technology.

The best way to check the drying time is on the energy label.

Pictured below are two energy labels. The condenser model has an energy rating of B and a drying time of 145 minutes.

The heatpump condenser model has an energy rating of A++ and a drying time of 178 minutes.


With heatpump dryers however, energy saving is significant. Looking at the two energy labels above the condenser model has an annual energy consumption of 561 kWh/annum and the heatpump condenser model has an annual energy consumption of 235 kWh/annum.

You can check the energy label for our products on the Zanussi website by clicking on the energy rating. This will open the full energy label for you.

Because heatpump dryers operate at a much cooler temperature they will be much gentler on clothes. This will help prolong the life of your garments and allow you to tumble dry a greater variety of fabrics with confidence.

When using a heatpump dryer, it is best not to open the door during the drying cycle as the heatpump dryer will then have to heat the air inside the dryer again, prolonging the program.

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