Drying cycle of washer dryer takes too long, too short or not drying at all

Last updated 18/03/2024 11:54


  • The drying cycle of washer dryer takes too long
  • The drying cycle of washer dryer takes too short
  • Washer dryer not drying
  • Poor drying results in the washer-dryer
  • Laundry is still damp after washing & drying cycle

Applies to

  • Washer-dryers


If the washer dryer does not dry at all or does not dry properly and the laundry is damp at the end of the program, check the following:

1. Make sure to turn on the water tap. The washer dryer also needs water during the drying cycle.

2. Make sure the air filters are not clogged. Check the primary and secondary air filters (heat pump washer dryers only).

3. Make sure the drain filter is not clogged. Clean the drain filter according to the user manual.

4. Reduce laundry load - The maximum load in the drying programme is always smaller than in the washing programme.

When using the NON-STOP washing and drying programme, do not exceed the maximum load for the drying mode

6. Set the correct cycle, according to the load size and fabric type. If necessary, re-set the short drying time.

Make sure that the type of laundry and the care symbols on the laundry label are compatible with the drying programme.

Refer to the programme table in your appliance user manual.

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