Fabric conditioner runs directly down into the washer-dryer’s drum

Last updated 03/06/2020 08:49


  • Fabric conditioner runs directly down into the washer - dryer’s drum

Applies to

  • washer-dryer


  • Follow the instructions from the user manual to avoid overfilling the compartment
  • Gently close the detergent drawer at the start of every wash cycle
  • Clean the dispenser drawer as instructed in the user manual

Fabric conditioner will be siphoned off from the detergent drawer into the drum.

  • These channels may be clogged.
  • To unclog them, flush the channels through and clean them with lukewarm water and a brush.

If the detergent drawer is opened at the start of a cycle, the fabric conditioner flows directly into the drum while the water is filling up.

  • It can be checked only after the second time when water fills up.
  • Up to this point, the fabric conditioner should be there.

The maximum level of the fabric conditioner is indicated on the lid.


  • Putting too much fabric conditioner into the compartment
  • Pushing the detergent drawer too hard
  • Dirt/residue in the dispenser drawer
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