How do I access the filter on my Zanussi washing machine?

Last updated 15/04/2024 06:11


  • How can I access the filter in my Zanussi washing machine?
  • Where is the drain pump filter in my Zanussi washing machine located?

Applies to

  • Selected models of Zanussi front loaded washing machine (European markets)


Newer Zanussi washing machines no longer have filters on the front of the machine

There is no longer a filter that needs cleaning in the Zanussi washing machines.

This appliance is designed with a self-cleaning draining system, allowing light fluff fibres that fall off the clothes to be drained out with the water, so there is no need to access this area for regular maintenance and cleaning.

This is thanks to a specific door gasket that has been designed to catch all objects like coins, buttons, hairpins, etc. before they have a chance of getting out of the drum itself and finding their way to the drain area.

Regularly examine the seal and remove all objects from the inner part. Coins, buttons, and other small items forgotten in the pockets of your clothes are deposited during the washing cycle in the special double lip trap in the porthole seal, where they can be conveniently recovered at the end of the cycle.

If there is an unpleasant smell from the washing machine please visit the article Washing machine emits unpleasant smell - this will give tips and instructions on how to rectify the problem.

If you have a Built-in / Integrated Zanussi Washing Machine

The pump filter is located in the bottom right corner of the appliance, behind the kickboard which will need to be lowered to access the filter.

Open the pump cover

Place a suitable bowl on the floor where the filter is (to catch water) and keep a cloth or towel nearby also.

Open the filter cover

Turn the Filter 180 degrees anti-clockwise, but don’t remove the filter, allow the water to fill the bowl, when full, close the filter and empty the bowl. Then repeat as necessary until there is no more water.

Remove the filter and clear any fluff or objects and clean the filter under a running tap.

Put the filter back and turn clockwise, making sure the filter is fitted tightly and correctly (to prevent water from escaping). Close the drain cover.

Zanussi Free Standing Washer Dryers:

If you have a Zanussi freestanding washer dryer it is the same procedure as above, except the filter is not behind a kickboard.

The filter is located on the bottom right-hand side of the appliance.

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