Laundry “lifehacks” for cleaning clothes during a pandemic

Last updated 20/01/2022 11:37


  • What temperature kills germs?
  • What’s the recommended temperature for killing viruses when washing?
  • how to sanitize the clothes in the washing machine
  • Laundry “lifehacks” for cleaning clothes during a pandemic

Applies to

  • washing machines
  • washer-dryers


  • We normally recommend washing at lower temperatures to put less burden on clothes and the planet. But, of course, we are in special times right now. If you have a load that really needs sanitizing, aim for a temperature of 60 degrees or above and use a powder detergent containing bleach or specific sanitizing additives.
  • Use a ‘sanitize’ or ‘anti-allergy’ program if it is available on your washing machine - this is designed with a special cycle profile that maintains the temperature above 60 degrees for several minutes in order to remove bacteria from the fibres, providing a high level of hygiene
  • Consider using lower temperatures on loads that don’t require specific sanitizing.
  • Simply washing less where possible will help your clothes feel new. For clothes that don’t need sanitizing, try spot cleaning to take away a small dirt mark, and consider using fabric spray to remove unwanted odours.
  • A clean washing machine is more efficient when it comes to taking care of your clothes - especially if you wash often during this time.  

    To do this, empty your machine and then carry out a cotton program at the hottest temperature setting or run a specific ‘machine clean’ program when available on your appliance. Use a washing machine cleaner – not detergent. Remember to clean the dispenser and around the seal too.  

    Don’t worry about using a high-temperature setting – a more efficient machine is better for the planet in the long run. 

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